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Plant Based Coffee Capsules Certified Compostable

Solinatra has been leading the way with truly sustainable materials, and we are pleased to announce our compostability certification from TÜV Austria.  

Coffee capsules made of Solinatra have been awarded “OK compost Industrial” by TÜV Austria CERT GmbH, confirming that the 100% natural, plant-based capsules are the eco-friendlier choice.  

Solinatra CEO, Robert de Jong: “We’ve developed our natural and plant-based materials to be the solution to fossil based, polluting plastics. The certification is confirmation that Solinatra is the truly sustainable choice.”  

Coffee capsules made of Solinatra are 100% natural, plant-based, biodegradable, compostable and contain zero fossil-derived ingredients nor leave behind any microplastics. The innovative capsules have high oxygen barrier and water vapour barrier properties, meaning the coffee stays fresh for a perfect brewing experience every time.  

More than 70 billion single serve coffee capsules were sold worldwide in 2022 – enough to circle the planet 51 times. Plastic and aluminium capsules need to have their lid and the coffee grounds removed before they can be washed and recycled.  Coffee capsules made of Solinatra can simply be included with food waste collections making it easy for consumers to properly dispose of their capsules. Composting of coffee capsules results in high quality fertiliser, enabling a more circular economy and reducing the environmental impact compared to plastic or aluminium.  

Solinatra has been leading the way with truly sustainable materials, developing innovative grades of material to replace fossil-based plastics. Patented processes transform plant waste from harvested crops and agricultural by-products into a biopolymer that runs in standard injection moulding machinery, enabling a smooth transition for manufacturers to switch from polluting, fossil-based plastics to compostable, circular solutions.  

The innovative bioplastic materials developed by Solinatra are 100% natural, fully biodegradable and compostable leaving no microplastics. Solinatra is the truly sustainable alternative to individual use plastic, suitable to produce packaging and products without the use of fossil-based plastics.