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Woolworths launches lipsticks packaged in paper and bamboo

Retail giant Woolworths has launched two new lipstick ranges packaged in paper and bamboo tubes. The company says the range is specifically designed for South African women.

Zero waste

Since announcing its vision for zero packaging waste to landfill, Woolworths says they have been creating innovative packaging that is either reusable and/or recyclable.

The bamboo and paper tubes are recyclable and Forest Steward Council ® (FSC®) Mix certified which means that they are made from well-managed FSC-certified forest, recycled materials, and other controlled sources.

FSC® plays an active role in protecting the world’s forests and their certification is assurance that these wood and paper tubes are sourced responsibly and do not contribute to deforestation. (FSC® N002141).

New colour range

The two new WBeauty ranges offer customers two new colour ranges which have been designed for all South African women with a range of ten different Longwear nudes and Matt lip colours designed to complement all skin tones.