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Budweiser launches new ‘lightest aluminium can’ as Bud light boycott begins to lose steam

CHINA – Budweiser Brewing Company APAC, the largest and fastest-growing beer company in Asia Pacific has launched a new ‘lightest aluminium can’ for beer in China.

Part of world’s largest brewing company AB InBev, the company produces, imports, markets, distributes over 50 brands including Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona, Hoegaarden, Cass, and Harbin.

The ‘lightest aluminium can’ was launched during the company’s circular packaging forum for its value chain partners at Putian Brewery, Fujian province, China.

The 330ml can weighs 9.57g and is 4% lighter than the industry average. The average carbon footprint per can is 185 g, nearly 100 g more lightweight than the 2017 baseline.

The launch reinforces Bud APAC’s circular packaging approach which has thus far helped to reduce more than 40,000 tons of carbon emission, compared to 2017 baseline, through continuous efforts, with carbon emission per can down by over 30%.UPCOMING EVENTAfrica Fresh Produce Expo 2024

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The beer company reduced the use of packaging materials by 8,473 tons, with 63.2% of its total packaging volume being in returnable packaging and 51.3% of the primary packaging material made from recycled content.

Jan Clysner, vice president of Sustainability & Procurement of Bud APAC, said, “As the largest brewer in the region, we are fully committed to enhancing our efforts in promoting circularity to mitigate our impact on the climate and environment while empowering our value chain partners to reduce their carbon emissions.”

The launch comes in time when Bud APAC is actively addressing the challenges of aluminium can same-grade recycling by introducing can-to-can recycling, a closed loop solution for used beverage cans.

Bud is also fostering carbon reduction transformation among its upstream partners through various initiatives.

Bud light showing steady improvement

Meanwhile, Bud light brand is showing steady improvement and moving in the right direction according to a report by AB InBev’s CEO Michel Doukeris.

Doukeris attributed the steady improvement by the brand to drinker’s willingness to buy the brand again.

“Considering the steady improvement and what we found on our latest research, that over 40% of lapsed Bud Light buyers declared that they are now ready to come back [and are] open to drink Bud Light again, this gives us some certainty that we are moving in the right direction,” said Doukeris.

AB InBev recorded a 17.1% decline in volumes on an organic basis and a 12.7% decline in third quarter revenue to US$3.86bn.

Meanwhile, Bud light and UFC, world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, have announced a new multiyear marketing partnership that will see the brewer becoming the official beer partner of UFC.