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Stormbrands designs brand system for PepsiCo’s new Sting Blue Thunder drink

Design agency Stormbrands has worked with PepsiCo to launch a new variant of energy drink – Sting – Blue Thunder, in Pakistan.

Targeting Gen Z consumers, Sting is one of PepsiCo’s fastest growing beverage brands, sitting between carbonated soft drink and energy drink.

It was important that the success of Sting Blue Thunder should not cannibalise sales of the core flavour Sting Red.

Stormbrands said the creative work springs from concept ‘Charge the day’, conveying a sweet, refreshing lift that elevates consumers out of the ordinary, and makes them feel they are operating at full charge.

The agency revitalised the Sting portfolio’s visual identity system with a product-centric approach to harmonise the brand, and also give it the flexibility that market nuance demands.

This includes product visuals, a suite of atmospheric backgrounds, distinctive lightning treatment, and dialled up refreshment cues.

Rajat Sachdeva, global senior marketing manager, energy, PepsiCo International Beverages, said: “Stormbrands has been a great partner, providing strategic thinking, solid execution, and seamless coordination with our key markets to deliver impactful creative assets for Sting.”