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Milliways switches to new ‘fully recyclable and biodegradable’ packs

Plastic-free, plant based chewing gum brand Milliways, has introduced a new packaging design alongside an update to its recipe.

Milliways new pocket-friendly design takes its cues from the pack created especially for Pret A Manger, loved for its pop-to-open feature and efficient re-seal.

The ergonomic boxes are still fully recyclable and ‘biodegradable’.

They’ve also been given a sustainability-focused upgrade, supporting the brand’s mission to reduce waste and single-use plastic consumption.

The designs feature crisp, clear branding along side product labelling, each pack designed separately for each flavour.

Milliways’ founder and chief executive, Tom Raviv, said: “The gum category has been starved of innovation and sustainable practices for decades, and this comes at the expense of consumers who want something new and exciting – better ingredients, unique flavours, sustainable materials.

“Launching our improved recipe and new pack design is testament to our continuous efforts and pursuit towards perfection.”