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Japanese beauty brand works with James Cropper on Ulé packs

Paper maker James Cropper has supplied its FibreBlend Upcycled technology for Japanese beauty brand Shiseido.

Outer packaging for the skincare product Ulé has been created with James Cropper’s Rydal range, a white board made with 100% recycled fibres. The outer packaging includes black text printed on a nude matte background, while thin vertical lines have been created via debossing on the surface of the folding cartons, combined with embossing at the centre of the facing. Ulé also eliminated leaflets and inner carton components from its secondary packaging.

Tricia Hartmann, global packaging lead at James Cropper, said: “The strongest trends in the packaging industry, not just in the cosmetics and beauty industry, but across the board, is around the circular economy. This has been driven by growing awareness of the waste issue that continues to exist and consumer perception regarding packaging.   

  “When it comes to the beauty industry, brands are recognising that eco-friendly doesn’t compromise experience and as packaging experts, we can demonstrate that new, imaginative methods of packaging materials and concepts exist and can help them to deliver on their promise of greener approaches. 

“As demand for recyclable materials in packaging grows, natural materials are increasingly replacing plastics, and that’s exactly what Shiseido has done; we’re helping them to strengthen their environmentally-friendly credentials.”