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Evian marks ‘100-years of Centre Court’ at Wimbledon with heritage label

Evian is celebrating Wimbledon’s ‘100-years of Centre Court’ with the launch of a limited-edition heritage label exclusively at this year’s event, inspired by a 1922 Evian packaging design.

The mineral water giant will commemorate its own heritage (first discovered in 1789) as well as Centre Court’s centenary through the launch of a limited-edition heritage label at this year’s event.

The reimaged label was inspired by a 1922 bottle design from the iconic brand and will be available to players at The Championships and in evian’s VIP Suite, featuring on evian’s popular 75cl bottles which are made from 100% recycled plastic*.

As part of Evian’s ongoing sustainability commitments and ambition to become a circular brand by 2025, Evian’s VIP guests will be encouraged to dress in a more eco-conscious way at The Championships, by honouring the brand’s ‘Summer Smart and Eco-Conscious’ dress code.

Following on from Evian’s partnership with environmental charity HUBBUB at last year’s event that saw recycling rates increase by 53% in Wimbledon Town Centre and Village, The water giant will launch a recycling reward scheme with Reward4Waste within the Grounds and in the Wimbledon Town Centre for the first time.

The scheme will incentivise attendees to recycle their water bottles through a QR code that will be found on recycling bins across the Grounds. By scanning the QR code and then the barcode on their Evian drink, attendees will enter for a chance to win Finals tickets to The Championships 2023. With deposit return schemes for drinks containers on the horizon for the UK & Ireland, Evian’s reward scheme will provide insight into the impact return schemes can have, and the role digital technology can play in making a scheme as convenient and engaging for consumers as possible.

Evian and Wimbledon are also launching their first-ever podcast series, ‘Wimbledon: Between the Lines’, celebrating 100 Years of Centre Court, featuring BBC Radio 1 presenters and tennis enthusiasts Matt Edmondson and Mollie King co-host the podcast, where they’ll explore not only tennis but a range of lifestyle topics including the quirks and traditions that make Wimbledon so iconic and special.

Dillon McEvoy, head of marketing at Evian, said: “As a longstanding partner of The Championships, we’re excited to be celebrating 100 years of Centre Court with the launch of our exclusive heritage label bottle for players.”

“Marking the centenary, we take the opportunity to recognise the progress Evian have made and the need to continue to innovate for a more sustainable future. We’ve continued to make strides with our sustainability commitments. We’ve launched ‘Bottles made from bottles’, will be trialling a digital recycling reward scheme at the tournament, and have reached carbon neutrality as a global brand and in our VIP Suite at Wimbledon. We’re proud of these steps and will challenge ourselves to do continue to do more on our sustainability journey.”

Gus Henderson, commercial director at the All England Club, said: “This is a special year for Wimbledon and we’re delighted that Evian is joining with us to celebrate the centenary of Centre Court in its current home. This milestone gives us the opportunity to remember some of the event’s most iconic moments and unique traditions, but also look forward to what the next 100 years might bring. With this in mind, one of our key commitments is to become Environment Positive by 2030 and we look forward to working alongside partners like Evian who are equally committed to a more sustainable future.”