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Glencairn creates luxury decanters for Littlemill Testament

Scotch whisky Littlemill Testament has been launched in new bespoke decanters from Glencairn Crystal Studio.

Littlemill is Scotland’s oldest licensed distillery and its new expression comes in a handblown crystal decanter.

According to Glencairn, the decanters have been facet cut at the base by skilled Glencairn craftspeople, mirroring the style of glass cutting during the Georgian period. A handmade collar was designed and produced to fit around the neck of the decanter.

Each decanter is housed in a bespoke handcrafted cabinet and the team at Glencairn worked closely with the cabinet manufacturer to develop the metal elements required to match the metalware on the decanter. Each cabinet comes complete with a dress stopper made from the sandstone taken from the remains of the Littlemill distillery.  Crystal pegs had to be cut by hand and were then hand fitted into the decorative stoppers.

Only 250 decanters have been made and the limited edition Littlemill Testament retails at £8,000.