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How a washable paper backpack is keeping festivals sustainable

With summer underway and Glastonbury on the horizon, packaging specialists Paper Bag Co have re-launched their Festival Bag for 2023, the primary material in this bag is 100% washable paper, and is filled with eco-friendly alternatives to some of the most common items found at most festivals.

What is in the Festival Bag?

Last year the festival bag was used by members of the public up and down the country including very special guests at Boomtown Fair who got access to a special edition of the bag.

What’s included: Stylish zip lock rucksack derived from paper, foldable wheat cup, bamboo compressed face towels, dissolvable body wash, toothpaste tablets, natural wax earplugs, biodegradable cornstarch poncho, bamboo toothbrush, biodegradable glitter and eco-toilet roll… everything you need to enjoy a festival or camping trip without leaving a trace.

Why launch the Festival Bag?

Paper Bag Co are one of the UK’s leading providers of paper bags and given the immense impact that single use plastics and products can have on the environment, they wanted to shine a light on festival waste and the impact it can have. The festival bag is made from a sustainable and environmentally friendly material base that helps festival goers have a great time without tonnes of waste.

Jon Marling, Paper Bag Co’s Founder and Managing Director is excited to see the bags out there in 2023. “We love these bags! and you may well spot them at a festival near you as we are nearly sold out. We wanted to shine a light on more sustainable products and alternatives to some of the common items used at festivals and often the packaging used within these items produces as much waste as the items themselves, all the materials in the bag are either recyclable or compostable, and will help keep our festivals clear of waste”

The festival bag is still available for order and at £39.95 per bag and contents, it is the perfect gift for any festival or camping enthusiast.