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Smurfit Kappa behind gift box for Horseshoe Gin

Smurfit Kappa has created gift box for Horseshoe Distillery’s Irish dry gin.

The new box incorporates the brand’s diamond-shaped label through a cut-out at the front of the box. An inner lid with eye-catching cut-outs to hold the fragile bottle firmly was also part of the design for the Northern Ireland-based distillery.

Sam Dorman from Horseshoe Gin said, “We’re really pleased with the striking colours, and the print quality is more than we could have asked for. Smurfit Kappa have managed to capture everything we were looking for from our new packaging, and we think it really reflects who we are as a brand. The real test is always in how customers and retailers receive a product, and we’ve had really positive feedback from both.”

In a statement, Smurfit Kappa added: “Consumers increasingly demand more sustainable packaging solutions from the brands they buy from. With 75% recycled fibre in our packaging products, we helped this brand appeal to the growing numbers of eco-conscious consumers whilst maintaining the quality and aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

“The new gin gift packaging stopped twisting bottles during transit, ensuring the product is received exactly as intended, resulting in delighted customers. With endless options for consumers to choose from, an alluring and arresting shelf presence is vital to capturing a consumer’s eye in supermarkets and other retail environments. The vivid new packaging for Horseshoe Gin helps the product stand out on shelves in a crowded category.”