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Morocco’s Arma Environment to set up recycling plant in Abidjan

COTE D’IVOIRE – Moroccan waste management company Arma Environment has announced plans to set up a recycling plant in Abidjan, says Chief Executive Youssef Ahizoune.

Ahizoune as cited by Reuters explained that the new plant is “expected to be operational within a few months” as the deals are being finalized with plastic waste suppliers.

The move comes at a time when Abidjan produces 288 metric tons of plastic waste, including a large number of plastic bottles, as cited by Veolia.

The country only recycles about three percent of the plastic used. In addition, it still does not have a systematic approach to tackling the problem.

With the new plant, the rate of waste collection and recycling is expected to increase in the city of Abidjan and expand to other cities.

Expanding Recycling across Africa

Arma also has waste management operations in 16 Moroccan cities including the capital Rabat but is looking to expand across the continent while also seeking to reduce emissions.

It introduced its first electric truck for waste collection in Rabat last week, though replacing its entire fleet will take time.

“Reducing the firm’s carbon footprint is a priority,” Ahizoune said but noted the price of heavyweight electric vehicles and a lack of charging points on highways are obstacles.

He said that electric truck prices would need to drop to the level of fossil fuel trucks for the company to achieve full electrification.

One of Arma Environment’s major projects has been underway since 2019 in Casablanca. It targets four main areas in the city, covering 72 square kilometers.

The company has deployed cleaning services using innovative technology collecting 440,000 tonnes of waste a year, says Arma Environment’s official website.

The other large-scale project in Marrakech has generated jobs for 1,022 employees and covered over 126 square kilometers.

The project began in 2014 and is set to finish in 2026, having received a total investment of over MAD 1 million (US$96,114.52).

Another project took place in Rabat and targeted three main areas, including Hassan, Yaacoub Al Mansour, and Touarga.

Through its work across these areas, the company has served 300,000 residents during the seven-year contract.

Maintaining green spaces is another key goal for Arma, as they also help with landscaping projects, equip children’s playgrounds, supply shrubs and trees, and install lighting in public areas.

The environmentally savvy company aligns with Morocco’s shift towards green energy. One of Morocco’s targets is to have 80% of the energy supplied by renewable sources by 2050.