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Award-winning peanut butter brand ManiLife moves into new bespoke glass jars for the ultimate taste experience

Award-winning peanut butter brand, ManiLife, will be moving its core range into new bespoke designed, fully recyclable and reusable glass jars from January 2023. 

Rolling out exclusively into Sainsbury’s stores from 2nd January, all six peanut butter varieties will be available in new premium glass jars, which are made from 60% recycled glass material, and are infinitely recyclable. From 16th January, ManiLife fans will be able to purchase directly through the website and from 30th January, the glass jars will be available nationwide across all its retailers. 

The exciting part of the move to glass jars is not the glass alone. On the launch, founder Stu Macdonald commented: “We’ve designed these jars for the ultimate peanut butter experience. They’re short and wide which means stirring is genuinely a pleasure and spooning every last morsel out of it is utter bliss. It can be common for the standard thought process for brands in food and drink to go tall and thin because it can give the impression that the pack is bigger than it is – it’s nice to be authentically going against the grain!”

The new core glass jars (275g) will feature a bolder label design to improve standout on shelf. The new label design will be rolled out across the existing fully recyclable 1kg tubs and mini pots during 2023. 

The move was driven by consumer research and insight. Consumers continue to ask for glass packaging which will elevate perceptions on the brand’s premium quality and help contribute to a more sustainable future, where the hope is to build a reusable packaging loop.

Stu Macdonald said: “I think the masses will probably be thinking ‘finally!’ as it’s taken a while to put our peanut butter into to glass; but we had to make sure we got it right. We’ve had so many messages from customers asking us to move into glass, so we listened. Our existing jars, lids and labels are all 100% recyclable, so our glass jars needed to be up to the same standard. 

“ManiLife is made in small batches with the finest Argentinian peanuts. We believe it is the highest quality nut butter on the market, proven by being awarded the most ‘Great Taste’ stars of any other peanut butter, something we’re super proud of. We had many reasons for the move to glass, but we didn’t want to pick any old jar. It had to be bespoke, designed for the ultimate ManiLife experience. I think we’ve got there and I cannot wait for people to try it” 

Produced by a supplier that uses electricity from 100% renewable sources and practices fully circular design with zero waste production, the glass jars are recyclable and microwave safe, so customers can reuse their glass jars over and over again in ways such as making sauces, overnight oats and granola pots. 

As well as the 275g jars, the ManiLife mini pots, which are included in well over one million recipe boxes per year through their partnerships with Gousto, Mindful Chef and more recently Grubby, have also been redesigned. The new pots will be 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and will biodegrade if they happen to end up in the ocean or landfill.