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Beefeater turns to Boundless for new flavoured gin packs

Beefeater is relaunching its flavoured gins series with new packaging from Boundless Brand Design.

The existing Pink Strawberry and Blood Orange flavours have been relaunched alongside a new Peach & Raspberry product.

Beefeater wanted to reinforce its current contemporary design cues, whilst visually building on the bright and bold variants within its colourful range. Boundless said that the new design feature modernised elements such as intricate botanical illustrations, printed and embossed on a new recyclable paper label.

Hamish Shand, founder and creative director at Boundless said: “This Beefeater re-launch is the latest in a series of exciting packaging innovations. We employed high level craftsmanship to showcase the authenticity of the range, giving a solid foundation to build a more contemporary and authentic product story that truly reflects the fantastic quality of the liquid inside. Delivering against evolving consumer needs, this proposition now has increased standout, strongly showcasing naturality and refreshment.”