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Prodorite commenced business in 1950 as Robertson Stone Ltd and in 1961 the company changed its name to Prodorite having a close connection with Prodorite Ltd of Wednesbury U.K. Prodorite then entered the field of various types of plastics. At this time Prodorite became a subsidiary of the Murray and Roberts’s group and the product range included rigid PVC pipe manufacture, manufacture of Fibreglass products, anti-corrosive resistant plastics for mining and industrial applications and the Blaco range of epoxy adhesives, concrete additives and bituminous products. The product range was rapidly developed to include plastic injection mouldings, manufacture of specialised Fibreglass process vessels and other fabrications, polyurethane roller recovering and bushes, manufacture of automotive suspension bushes as well as manufacture and installation of insulated cold rooms and doors. Overall a varied and comprehensive range of products.

Products include: Punnets, Freshwraps, Liners, BOPP bags, Cups, tubs and lids, Skillets, Seed trays, Egg trays


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